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Yes\No Dialog Box Autoplay 3.0

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  • Yes\No Dialog Box Autoplay 3.0

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to make the Yes\No Dialog Box work. I want the yes\no dialog to give the user the choice to install a software demo or not. I set the %MyVar% in the Boolean choices to %MyVar% = Yes. When I do that the question box comes up, but answering Yes or No installs the software. If I set the %MyVar% = No, the question box does not even come up and the software STILL installs. What am I doing wrong? Please Help

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    Re: Yes\No Dialog Box Autoplay 3.0

    To accomplish this in Version 3.0

    1) Create a Yes/No Dialog box with the appropriate message. This should set the variable %MyVar% by default
    2) Next create an Execute -> Execute Program action.
    3) in the properties of this action click on the Conditions -> Boolean -> "Click to edit" button
    4) Now click on the "add" button in the dialog that appears
    5) Value A: %MyVar%
    Operator: equals
    Value B: YES

    Make sure that the path to the file to execute is correct.