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  • Is this possible?

    Just wondering,

    Is it possible to export data entered out to an excel spreedsheet or control cells in excel? What I am trying to do is have the user enter data that needs to be printed out after the information is entered. Like a score sheet showing the different values for varibles assigned. Also, can user entered data be added together with formulas and such, like the average of 5 test scores to equal a grade? Where should I start?

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    Re: Is this possible?

    Couple different ways that might work, I think.

    - just embed the Excel spreadsheet in an HTML file, display it in a Web Browser Object...not sure I'd recommend this, but it might work

    - export the data to some text format that Excel can import, such as CSV (comma-separated values) which is essentially just saving the contents of a comma-delimited list to a file.

    There are probably other ways, too. (Going through a DLL, etc.)
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