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  • Strange problem

    Hi all,

    I have a project - very simple with the following -

    A text box and a Browser window - window displays A by default. Hovering over the textbox changes the display in the browser to B. (This works fine up to now)

    However - I am getting an aggravating 'click' when I hover over the text box - I have removed all sounds from every element of the page but still get this WAV. Where is it coming from and can I change the defaults so that every item I add, be it picture or text, is silent?


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    Re: Strange problem

    For bringing in objects with a User defined default, simply add the object, set the attributes the way you want, and then copy and paste.

    As for the WAV file, if you're sure you've removed the sound files from all objects, the only thing I can suggest is to open your AMS file in Notepad and search for WAV. At least it should indicate which object is the culprit.


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      Re: Strange problem

      I have tried this but it does not seem to be a WAV that can be removed. I have created some test text, changed the mouseover colour to ensure I am on the right element and then changed the mouseover action to display a different page. The click I am hearing is still there - is this something I cannot change? I do not relish hunting through the ams file in Ultraedit to edit this manually. Is this a b.u.g?


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        Re: Strange problem

        Sounds like what your hearing is the click noise that the web browser produces when you change web pages. I don't know how to get rid of it either but would sure like to....

        It is not produced by the AMS product


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          Re: Strange problem


          I couldn't resist looking into this...

          to change this sound in windows you can goto...

          My computer > control panel > sounds. Find 'start
          navigation' in the list and set it to none or whatever.

          So to do this in AMS you could modify the registry that stores this value. When your program starts capture the users setting and modify the registry key to no sound or a custom sound. When your program closes set it back to the users setting.

          The registry key you need to change is:
          (this is for Win2k check out other OS's to be sure its the same)

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\ Navigating\.current

          Set the Default value data to nothing for no sound or change it to whatever .wav you want.


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            Re: Strange problem

            Good point!

            I guess I was fixated on the problem being an object that truly didn't have the sounds turned off.