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    Can someone please assist me with a list box in Auto Play 4? What I need is pretty simple:

    1. list box to be displayed after clicking a button (hidden before a click)
    2. scrolling through the box to a selected item (this one I know)
    3. each item in the box is capable of being linked to "INDIVIDUAL" files (AVI, PDF....)in the Distribution folder when clicked.

    Thank you very much for your help!


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    Re: List Box


    1) On Page -> Initialize include a Page.HideObject("ListBox1") for example
    then on the button that you want to show the listbox include a Page.ShowObject("ListBox1")

    2) In the ListBox settings simply turn on the "Vertical Scrollbar" option.

    3) When you add each item to the list use this format
    name that will be displayed::%SrcDir%\myfile.ext (notice the '::' to assign value data to an item in the list)
    Then when you access the item use a ListBox.GetItemData(index)

    This should solve all of your problems


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      Re: List Box

      Adam, I have tried this several times and I just can't get it to work. Every item in the box is treated as 1 Object, so I can never select one or the other. Also, the full path of the file is displayed in the listbox.
      Do you have any other suggestions?



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        Re: List Box

        If you're adding more than one item at a time, make sure you separate them with the appropriate delimiter (;; by default).

        If you want the path to be hidden, and have something else appear in the list box instead, then separate the visible text and the path with :: like this:

        This will appear in the list box::this won't

        For an example of this in use, see Adding items to a list box (with data) in the Command Reference.

        (Note: there's a typo on that page that will be fixed in the next the second sentence, where it says "global list" it should say "List Box Object.")
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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          Re: List Box

          Here's an example