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    I can't figure out how to get a zip file to unzip to just C:\ using the zip extraction action. I don't want it in the temp drive as is the default. I searched the board but couldn't find any advice. Is this possible? If I put C:\ in place of %TempDir% I get this error message:


    I can change the file to self extracting and it will work, but for some reason the automenu takes forever to run the winzip exe file. (It is 30 megs)

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    Re: UnZip File Commands

    Is the zip file password protected? If so, are you supplying a password? Is it the right one?

    Is the zip file corrupt? Can you extract it manually?

    Do you have write access to the root of your C: drive?

    Is the file you're trying to extract contained in the zip file? Check the spelling of the filename in the Files to extract field.
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