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need advice on split/multiple install

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  • need advice on split/multiple install

    I wanted to find out if anyone has a suggestion on the best way for the following scenario for an install.
    . users can select 1 to 8 different programs to install
    . each program can only be installed if the user enters the correct serial number for that program
    . the programs are being installed on a workstation and the data files on a server. The programs all use the same data files.

    Right now we have a program outside Setup Factory that lists all the programs they can install. For every program they want to install, they enter a valid serial number.
    The problem is that it is very cumbersome to enter the serial numbers for every workstation they want to install the program files to (the data files are not replaced if they already exist on the server).

    Any suggestion on a better way to do this? Another point to remember, is that we only want to send out 1 CD to install - but it has all the available programs on it. The user only receives the serial numbers for those programs that they purchased.

    Thank you in advance,