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  • Build Bug??

    Not sure if this is a bug or not...

    On the Project settings Build tab there is an option to store support files in a folder or not.

    If I uncheck this wouldn't the support files be stored in the same location as the .exe. Currently it seems they still default to the DATA folder.

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    Re: Build Bug??

    OK, I think this is definately a bug.

    Here's an example to try...

    Create a new project with a single Web object.

    Under "Project Settings | Build" I uncheck the Store support files in a folder option. Then I build the project.

    Looking at the build, notice you still have a DATA folder with the language file inside "amslng.9".

    If I run the project I get an error indicating it failed to load the language file.

    Now if I move the language file "amslng.9" into the same directory as the autorun.exe and then run the program it works.


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      Re: Build Bug??

      Thanks for reporting this...I haven't confirmed it yet, but I've logged it in our bug database so it can be investigated.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: Build Bug??


        This has been confirmed as a bug. If you would like to get around this, leave the "Store support files in subfolder" checkbox checked and leave the edit field blank.

        If you do this AutoPlay will not use a sub folder.

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          Re: Build Bug??

          Thanks Mark, I'll try that