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Caption vs. Text Object

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  • Caption vs. Text Object

    If you were making buttons, and using the Caption to put text on them, or the same buttons, with a text object over them, what is the difference/Pro's Con's to this?
    What should the caption function be used for?

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    Re: Caption vs. Text Object

    It's easier if you have *less* objects to achieve the same functionality. If you aren't applying your text to your button images pre-AMS, i.e. in Photoshop or whatever then certainly using captions is a better option than adding a separate text object to each button object.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Caption vs. Text Object

      I would like to point out another aspect of the question.
      Scenario: you have a on/off button. If you are using a text object and not a caption, you can change the content of the text with a variable. one click shows play, the other shows pause, for example. This you can't do with caption.



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        Re: Caption vs. Text Object

        This you can't do with caption
        Hi - this is not true!

        You can use:
        %ObjectText% = ImageObject[Image1].GetText
        <font color=blue>IF</font color=blue> (%ObjectText% = PLAY)
        ImageObject[Image1].SetText ("PAUSE")
        <font color=blue>ELSE</font color=blue>
        ImageObject[Image1].SetText ("PLAY")
        <font color=blue>END IF</font color=blue>

        ... and of course other Actions to improve on this. This works the same as a Text Object in your scenario.
        = Derek
        ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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          Re: Caption vs. Text Object

          ooops, sorry...
          Sheepishly abashing myself in front of the greatness of mighty AMS....


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            Re: Caption vs. Text Object


            Never would have thought to try that....