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  • AMS quickie for the future

    Is there any way now or is there planned for the future any method of using AMS to pull information from a database? Access is the one I have in mind. You know, simple stuff like open the table, search for records, read into text boxes and so on. This would be cool if not actually available right now.

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    Re: AMS quickie for the future

    Here's a post we did for this a while back. You can read the post to get a feel of what will happen regarding database connectivity.
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      Re: AMS quickie for the future

      Thanks for the link - answered all my immediate questions. Just goes to show the tragedy in the fact that nothing is ever original anymore... >:@(


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        Re: AMS quickie for the future

        AMS apps, like all apps, can easily interact with databases via middleware. There's no built in Access object or actions though...

        On the upcoming powertips CD video tutorials I demonstrate how to make your apps communicate freely with a MySQL database... There's nothing you cannot do vis-a-vis AMS/MySQL...

        Also check this out:;o=&vc=1

        Corey Milner
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