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  • Quick Build Question

    Hi, I am using the %ScrDrv% command:

    Will, when I use it Design mode, I used %ScrDrv%\Distribution\Folder Name, and it works fine.

    No for my problem, After I build a cd rom, all of my folders that used this path will not work now, so I updated the path in design mode, to point to %SrcDrv%\Folder Name, and they now work great. Second Question, is now that I made the change, my, Design Preview, will not work, with these paths. So where or what am I doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for your help in this matter


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    Re: Quick Build Question

    By default, the variable %SrcDir% is used. %SrcDrv% will only expand to the drive letter, however %SrcDir% will expand to the directory where it is run, which will result in expanding to the distribution folder in this case. It will therefore work when you run your application from any directory. So just replace %SrcDrv% with %SrcDir%.


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      Re: Quick Build Question

      Thanks Darryl