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Multiple AVI's on Page problem....

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  • Multiple AVI's on Page problem....


    Three small AVIs on a page. Since I haven't built a menu in a while, maybe I'm missing something that I used to know, but here's the deal:

    Getting error messages "Can't stop avi_" etc.

    What I'm doing is adding actions for the user to click on any video to play and then when clicking another, it stops the one playing and begins their choice....etc. I thinking this worked in earlier versions. In other words, each of the three video has click to play and stop when the others are clicked. This is not working.

    Any help appreciated. I can go and build separate pages, but thinking there is a better way. Also, these are AVIs, not mediaplayer objects. Would it be better you use the mediaplayer (Ver. 8) to control the multiple video on same page?

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    Re: Multiple AVI's on Page problem....

    Personally I would create thumbail images of each and then use those as the buttons. Then I would hide/show only one avi at a time (above corresponding thumbnail button) depending on which button was clicked.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software