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  • IE version detection


    hopefully someone will say this has been allready discussed; I am doing an installation CD and am using WebBrowser.Object to display HTML pages in AutoMenu. The problem is, there are OSes that come with very old version of IE (like NT, Windows 95) which does not have needed ActiveX component for WebBrowser.Object to work. Question. How to detect installed IE version (reliably on all systems) during AutoMenu project startup and if IE < 4.0 show first page (graphical) with instructions and links to update IE (IE distributions are located on CD)? Some points:
    - APM lacks special method to detect IE version
    - guidelines

    Is there a really quick and reliable sollution?

    Thank [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: IE version detection

    AMS40 has several ways to do that. The most straight-forward is to use the Requirements tab (Project > Settings). There is also the %IEVersion% variable that will tell you what version of IE that is installed. Please consult the help file as there is a lot of information in there about this issue.


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      Re: IE version detection

      When you have the AutoPlay project open in AutoPlay Menu. Go to Tools / Project Settings. Under the Requirements tab put a check by Microsoft Internet Explorer control. Put the version # required to run your controls. This will happen automatically when they launch your application.