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how to use variables ??

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  • how to use variables ??

    I want to ask how to use variables in atm4

    I have seen the help file

    but still confused

    could some one tell me more detail about variables


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    Re: how to use variables ??

    Sure we'll be happy to help, what is it you find confusing about the help file? Point me to the exact spot you were reading where you lost track and we'll pick up from there...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: how to use variables ??

      I have some questions

      1. did all the object attribute can be change by variable ?

      if the answer is "yes" then how to do it , could you

      show some sample

      2. I have seen the former post "Hiding flash object"

      one of the reply offer a similarly invisible way to hide

      flash object ; he say can cheange the flash object size

      from original size to 1 pixel size

      did it made with variable and how to do it

      can you show the step

      ps. my english is poor , I hope you can know what I want

      to express