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Extracting processor info from registry?

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  • Extracting processor info from registry?

    Hi folks,
    I recently had a problem with a prog I shipped - (it functioned fine on the test machines here, of course). So I wanted to build a small app to report various stuff about the end-users system that I'll ship with the cd. It's easy enough to do except for one bit of info:
    I'd like to know the end-users processor, preferably type & speed.
    I had a quick look in the registry but I need something that will work across win platforms if possible.
    Is there an easy way of getting such info from a key common to 98se, 2k, xp?

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    Re: Extracting processor info from registry?

    Extracting info from

    <font color=green>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTIO N\System\CentralProcessor\0\~Mhz</font color=green>

    will work on Win2000 / XP ... but doesnt seem to on 9x versions.

    [Perhaps a custom dll would be in order here ??]
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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      Re: Extracting processor info from registry?

      Thanks. Yes, I should have been clearer - you've described the problem better than I did - I found the key you mentioned but it wasn't there in 98. Long day, I guess!
      There might already be a dll to do this lurking in the system directory somewhere but I don't think msinfo32.exe calls a dll itself.
      I was trying to limit the info I retrieve to help the end user, so I'd rather not call the exe but that's a work-around if all else fails.