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    I have a few questions about Media Player I'd appreciate some help with. I tried a trial that has expired because of some problems I was having using Media Player Objects.
    I will be relying alot on media player to play mp3 talks (I like it's interface).

    I noticed that the new incarnation of Autoplay supports the Media Player 9 version.

    Am I able to designate what skin my presentation will be displayed using? I like the older classic version (6.4) and would like to use the latest version but only if I can have it use the Classic.wmz or skin that I design. Am I able to program into Autoplay what skin to use?

    Am I able to choose which skin it will be viewed using or is that totally dependent upon the users machine?

    With the new version (4.0.04) am I better off not upgrading to Media Player 9 for maximum compatibility.

    Am I able to get a trial version of as it sounds like there have been some changes that might make it more useable for me?



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    Re: Media Player Questions

    There is no way to designate different skins, the default skin is always used no matter what the user has specified. So if the user does not have media player 9 then the "classic" skin will always be used. If the user has version 9 installed then the default "silvery" skin will always be used. The version of media player on your computer (the development machine) is irrelevant as the runtime dynamically chooses what version of the Media Player control to use.

    As for obtaining a new copy of the trial version you can send me an email [email protected] and we can generate a new key for you. note that I am going to need your contact information in order to generate a new license key.