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  • New Project Guidance

    Ok....thanks for your patience in my rants from this week. I hope noone took my comments personally....I am a big fan of IR and this forum.

    Now I am ready to begin this little job I spoke of. I am not looking for anyone to build this for me, but, guidance in the workflow would be appreciated. Again, I have 20 hours budgeted for the, I would like to stay within those parameters.

    This is a basic photographic image catalogue to be used as a freely distributed hand-out to folks in a particular travel-industry sector.

    CD-ROM Features Required:

    One Page-25 small thumbs, one larger area. The goal is to have an intro text window that will be replaced by mouse-overs of the grayscale thumbs that turn RBG on the mouse-over along with a larger image to pop-up with a translucent rounded corner text box that would have the captions for that particular image. Also, in the same enlarged area, a link to a corresponding folder where a person could then download three versions of that image...small, medium and print size.

    Additionally, I will have a sound commercial that I want to play one time per user on entry. (I bookmarked the other thread on how to lay some sort of something, so the system knows it was played) I will also need to provide a .pdf download catalogue of the 25 images. I also saved the thread on how to do that with Acrobat Reader embedded on the CD.

    On the exit, it will go to the providers website, and with a different sound byte (everytime).

    The template size of 790 X 545 is a good size.

    Workflow...I know my first step is to create Autoplay thumbs, and then medium images that would fit in a 200 X 300 window area. Then create seperate folders for each image. Would I then create seperate text files for each caption. Then, create a graphic button to 'explore' a folder?

    I started in the one template for a slideshow or porfolio...I think it was called...and, that helped...but, I was not sure how to add the other features.

    Also, do I create a different Distribution location or use the default one?

    Thank in advance for any help...I hope to begin this by next Monday....or over the weekend...

    Happy holiday weekend to any and all that celebrate Easter.


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    Re: New Project Guidance

    Hiya big guy. Your project's slightly beyond our official "tech support" mandate.

    I'd like to help you as much as I can though, so what I will do is read over your plan later and let you know if we have any official suggestions to offer that might streamline the infrastructure or make it easier to code.

    All the best.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: New Project Guidance

      Thanks Corey...

      And, IR decides to offer a template CD for sale, I would be considered a buyer...cuz, this application is very standard for many people....

      Thanks again! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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        Re: New Project Guidance

        I believe official position is that IR will not be offering this template for sale although other templates will be forthcoming at some point, we offer design and consulting services via [email protected], etc. but I may be wrong.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Re: New Project Guidance

          Ok I looked at your specs. What I can offer is that if you use hotspots you can do this with only 3 images. I have a great lesson on this on the upcoming Powertips CD but for now I guess all I can really offer is the help files section on hotspots.

          Suffice to say that hotspots is the key to making this thing real simple. Best of luck, if you have any technical difficulties or questions let me know.

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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            Re: New Project Guidance

            Thanks bro...I will review the HOTSPOTS STUFF....

            Have a great weekend!