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  • List Box ****!!

    First a rant: My impression of this program was that it was easy to use and did not require programming experience. On the surface it is easy, but it is not so when using advanced features. The online manual stinks! There are no tutorials and it leaves you lost!
    Now that that is done. I would like to make a simple list box but I am completely lost. There are 10 options for setting up a list box but there are not directions on how to make it work easily. I simply want a list of items, have user double click on one and have it launch a PDF file. I have poured over the help file and am about to run outta here screaming. Nothing works! Can someone give me a concise, step-by-step on how to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: List Box ****!!

    use the search function of this forum, you will find all the solutions for your problem


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      Re: List Box ****!!

      You'll probably have better luck using a text object or something for the user to click on to launch the PDF file, i.e. select the item in the list, and then click on "Open PDF" or something.

      Have you gone through the examples in the online help? Especially "Adding items to a list box (with data)" which you can find under Command Reference > Actions > Examples > Advanced, and "Getting the index of the currently selected item" which you can find under Command Reference > Actions > Examples > Intermediate?

      Sometimes, when something is advanced, it isn't easy. C'est la vie. If you search through these forums, you'll find several pages of threads that should answer your question.

      Do you have any suggestions for how to improve our help documentation in the future?
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: List Box ****!!

        Thank you, I will check out the online documentation. As for suggestions; I would suggest creating a "Dummies" section on your site that shows new users graphically how to do many low level operations with Autoplay. Several small tutorials or perhaps one big one that has several elements to it that they can follow along to get the hang of things. Autoplay is just easy enough to use but very confusing in other ways for low level users. It is otherwise a great product.


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          Re: List Box ****!!

          There will be some video training CD ROMs coming out to address this at some point, but not for several months. There will be one "For Beginners" and another "Getting Started". But in the meanwhile it's old school.

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software