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WMP 9 issues

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  • WMP 9 issues

    OK, just updated to Autoplay and WMP9 now is being used in my project despite a script that Darryl wrote to switch it back to 6.4. It works, but one thing I noticed different from WMP 6.4 is that if you scale the player the video doesn't scale with it. Is it possible through scripting or something to force this? And why is my script to disable WMP9 no longer working?

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    Re: WMP 9 issues

    Maybe something else reenabled it?
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: WMP 9 issues

      Well, I disable it on initialize after doing a version check. Then when the program closes I set it back to WMP9 if it was on to begin with. Darryl wrote the script for me and I already told him it no longer works but haven't really gotten an answer yet. I saw in the changes document that version now detects WMP versions more accurately, could this have something to do with it? the version check is done like this:
      IF (%MediaPlayerVersion% > 8.0)
      I then had an Execute File action that looked like the following:

      File to execute:


      Command line arguments:

      /s "%SysDir%\msdxm.ocx"