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link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !

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  • link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !

    Dear all,
    I'am just getting start with AutoMedia Play and I have to conceice quickly a CD-ROM with many documents. Until now everything gone well but I have a question : I have a page containing a list and for each item of this list I have to insert a link to a pdf doc. what I have to do ? I woud lwonder if somebody can explain me the porcedure. I looked up in the help but I found only one page describing how to get the version and the path of the Acrobat Reader but afterwards .... nothing
    thanks a lot for your help !!!

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    Re: link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !


    To get a listbox of PDFs with each entry corresponding to a PDF file you must do the following:

    1) Create the ListBox Object

    2) Create a new entry. This entry should look like:

    name that is displayed:ath to file

    for example:

    Book About cookies::%SrcDir%\PDF\cookiebook.pdf

    3) Go to the Actions Tab and change the event to "On double click"

    4) Enter the following actions:

    List Box -> Get Selected
    - %SelectedIndex% = ListBoxObject[ListBox1].GetSelected

    List Box -> Get Item Data
    - %ItemData% = ListBoxObject[ListBox1].GetItemData[%SelectedIndex%]

    File -> Open
    - File.Open(open, "%ItemData%)

    5) Make sure that this PDF document exists in your distribution folder.

    Now when you double click on any item in the ListBox it will do a file -> open with the path that you specified when you created the List Box.


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      Re: link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !

      Dear Adam,
      thank you for your reply.
      I have already a list of text boxes. every text box contains the title of my file. I would to make a link from every text box to the pdf which corresponds to that title. Is this possible using the procedure you sent me ? or I have to use text object in stead of text box ?
      Thank you,


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        Re: link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !


        The instructions that I gave you are for a ListBox with entries that correspond to specific filenames. In your reply you referred to a TextBox which does not have actions associated with it.

        So my question is are you trying to use a ListBox or a TextBox?

        If you are using a ListBox then my instructions above are still valid. If you are using a TextBox then I suggest that you include a separate button that would open the PDF file that is displayed in the TextBox.

        Please clarify and a solution should be close


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          Re: link to pdf file - urgent ! thanks !

          my question concerns TextBox. I am sorry because I wasn't clear. Here is a description of the situation :
          - I have a list of countries and for each country we have a report available in English and in French, so I already created for each country : a text box with the name of the country, then a text box "french" and an other "english".
          - what I would like to do : for each text bow "french", respectively "english" to put an action which makes opening the pdf file which corresponds to the linguistic version.
          - what I did : for each text box "english", "french", I added this action >> File / Open / %SrcDir%\Data\ and then the path of the pdf file (I copied all my PDF files in a folder "docs-pdf" which is in the folder "Data" contained in "Distribution"

          One more thing : in my page, I clearly indicated that users need Acorbat Reader installed on their computer in order to be able to open pdf files + in the tab "on error" of the action File/Open I wrote a error message "to view this doc you need Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from"

          Is right what I did or have I to add supplementary actions to be sure that the Pdf will be opened by the user ?

          I hope I am clear with my explanations. am waiting for your answer.

          thank you very very much for your help !!!