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Projectwide Key Definitions

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  • Projectwide Key Definitions

    Can anybody tell me how to create key closure settings that will work on all pages in a project or where in the help file to find the info?

    I want to use the spacebar like in Powerpoint to advance to the next page.



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    Re: Projectwide Key Definitions

    Setup a Parent page for your project and create a hotspot on the page. Set an action for that object for onclick to jump to the next page.

    Now the tricky part... You can set shortcut keys on the Attributes page but SPACE is not an option. To do this you will have to edit the XML for the project in WordPad or something.

    Set a name for the object that you can find easily and save and close you project.

    Now open the .AM4 file in word pad and search for the name you gave to the hotspot object. Now below that you should see a line that says:


    Make sure the VirtualKey says "32" as this represents the space bar. Have a Modifier of "0"

    Save the .am4 project and reopen it in AMS. Now if you look at the shortcut for the hotpsot it should say SPACE.

    The last thing you might want to do is move the hotspot outside the boundaries of your project so that it isn't clickable. This will give an error when you buidl but the keystroke will still work.

    Here's some code you could copy and paste into your AMS project instead of going through all that...

    <SourcePageName>Parent Page</SourcePageName>
    <Name>Space Bar HotSpot</Name>
    <Name>On Mouse Over</Name>
    <Name>On Mouse Leave</Name>
    <Name>On Mouse Click</Name>
    <Action name="Jump">


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      Re: Projectwide Key Definitions

      Thank you for explaining it to me.