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  • Email from Lotus Notes

    Here’s one for ya!
    I’m using Tiggs test where, at the end of the test the end user can send an email to who ever. My client uses Lotus Notes for their email and none of the information that’s pasted to the body will come up on the newly created mail.

    Here is the email part of our code:
    <Action name="Open">
    <FileName>mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Ans wers%20to%20Quiz%20from%20%UserName%(%EmployeeNumb er%)&amp;amp;Body=%SelectedAnswers%%0D%0AFinalScor e%20=%20%FinalScore%%0D%0AWrongAnswers%20=%20%Wron gAnswers%</FileName>

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Email from Lotus Notes



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      Re: Email from Lotus Notes

      Help?... [sheepish gren]


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        Re: Email from Lotus Notes

        Sorry, I know less than nothing about Lotus Notes, not even sure what it is... Sounds *office-y*...

        [Sheepless "Gren"]

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Re: Email from Lotus Notes


          try it with less parameters.
          I think Lotus Notes does not understand all these special features.
          Try only the "mailto:" command, and see what will happen.
          LN is not so very compatible...

          ask IBM?
          programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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            Re: Email from Lotus Notes

            LOL Corey you ***** me up! Thx OVM I'll give it a try.


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              Re: Email from Lotus Notes

              Bruce, I tried your code with Lotus 4.6. It opened Lotus e-mail and pre-filled the "To" field with "[email protected]", but nothing else. I do remember trying to have it also pre-fill the "Subject" field a while back, but without any luck. I don't know if a more current version of Notes would be any different. Note that Lotus Notes must be set as the default Windows e-mail program for it to respond to "mailto:" URL's. Good luck.


              Here is what I found in Lotus Help regarding e-mail URL's:

              Mailto -- A mailto URL is a link that opens into an e-mail system (typically, Notes mail) to allow the user to send e-mail to the person specified in the link; for example, mailto:[email protected] When you click a mailto URL, Notes opens a memo and automatically enters the recipient's address in the To: field. You can then send mail to the name specified in the mailto URL. (To send Notes mail through the Internet, your Notes environment must use either the Notes SMTP/MIME MTA or the Notes SMTP mail gateway.)


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                Re: Email from Lotus Notes

                Thx for your reply. This doesn't sound good... I'll check to see what ver. my client has. Maybe a work around could be copying the information to Note Pad and having the option to print it. Boy what a pain in the poop shoot!


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                  Re: Email from Lotus Notes

                  I wonder if you were to check to see if the mail program were lotus Notes you could do something differently, like have the program generate a code that would tell you what the persons score was. The person would then be responsible for copy and pasting the code into an e-mail and sending it.

                  Or you could have it do a submit to web function if the customer would like that option. Then you would need a PHP script on their Intranet that would accept the submitted information.

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                    Re: Email from Lotus Notes

                    I've written several programs that require Lotus Notes to open e-mails. Unfortunately, I've had to include instructions in the programs as to how to change their default e-mail program from within Internet Explorer (Tools/Internet Options/Programs).

                    It would be great if there was a code that could detect the users default e-mail program (shouldn't be hard), and then send an e-mail using that program (a bit harder considering this Lotus debackle).

                    Just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. Personally, I hate Lotus. I've never seen a glitchier program, but it is a typical corporate one.

                    Good Luck!