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  • From listbox to listbox to flash

    Hey. I'm a beginner at AutoPlay Media Studio. I have a problem. =)

    I have 2 listboxes. and 1 Flash Scroller. I want it to:

    When i Select something in the first listbox, it shows the new oppitunitues in listbox 2. And when i mark a line in listbox 2, information abaut the marked iten, wil bee shown in the Flash Scroller.

    And if U dubleclick in a item in listbox 2, it will execute the program that matches the text !

    Se the ex. here. ---->

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    Re: From listbox to listbox to flash

    OK that's pretty easy, tell me:

    1) Do these listboxes contain content which changes often or does it stay the same?
    2) What is your design strategy?
    3) What actions have you actually taken toward that strategy?
    4) Where are you running into problems as you try to do this?

    I'll be happy to help you although I cannot build it *for you*. You have to get ******** on it yourself and then I will be more than happy to help you overcome whatever obstacles you encounter. I can help you with a design strategy too if you like but I need to know what the content of these list boxes will be first.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: From listbox to listbox to flash

      Well. If we take it step by step. =)

      Aswers to your questions:
      1.: The content of ListBox2, will change every time. (Differnt programs/musik on each CD)
      2.: The design will be the same.
      3.: I have taken no actions yet (Althoug, I have tried some few things, with no luck)
      4.: -

      (Bagground: I make music, Game-Maps and small programs. These programs ect., should be availeble to se at the listbox2)

      Here is an exable: Listbox1 (The listbox in the top, is the Category, f.x. Prgrams/Games/Music/Drivers)
      If you thoose Music, all the music will be visable in ListBox2 !

      When u mark a piece of music in ListBox2, It will show some info about the selectet music, in the flash scroller to the right.

      And if you dubbleclick at the same piece of music, it will copy/install to the HDD.

      (Im sorry for my English. I hope it is understandeble.)


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        Re: From listbox to listbox to flash

        OK so maybe you should start with making list box 1 work. Let me know how it goes... If you do a search on the forum you'll find lots of posts on how to populate listboxes dynamically with file names...

        Also here is a sample project which does exactly what you need, start by taking it apart and seeing how it works.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Music Action

          OK.. Lets take it step by step.

 <---- Take a look at this Picture. Then it might be easyer to understand my mind.

          When U select "Music" in listbox1, it will show the all the song from a special dir. in listbox2 ! When U mark a song, it will write som info about the marked song, in "Scroller". But when U dubbleclick on the song, it wil be copyet to a Dir. that U choose !


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            Re: Music Action

            Yes, you need to start by learning how to populate a listbox at runtime... (Just as exampled by the file linked to above)

            Corey Milner
            Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software