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Media Object - Strange Behavior

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  • Media Object - Strange Behavior

    OK, this is weird. I'm using a wmv file, playing it in the media player object. There are two clips within the menu of several other page options. If I play the media player objects first, they play fine, if I try to play them after clicking on any of the other elements in the menu, the image flickers once and disappears. The sound plays fine but no image. Anybody got any idea on this?

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    Re: Media Object - Strange Behavior

    I think the problem is in the other elements.
    Do they use the media player functionallity?
    Are they sound files?

    programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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      Re: Media Object - Strange Behavior

      No, they are HTML objects. One is a printable coupon and the other is a virtual tour. Both of these pages have javascript,
      but I can't imagine that would be the problem. I can go back and forth between movie clips and they work fine. If I click on either of the pages containing the html object though, I only get sound when I try to go back to the movies clips.