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Background Music ? How

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  • Background Music ? How

    I simply want to :
    1- Use a start page with some graphics.
    2-Overlaying this page there are several pictures
    with an action to do (play a movie file).

    3- When I click picture ( link ) to play a mpeg or avi file
    the main APMS window close , and media player pops up
    and plays the movie.
    4- When I maximize the main APMS window I wish I could
    have the background sound back...but I cannot!!!
    Completly silence.
    Any hint how to do this ?
    Thanks a lot

    Below is a paste of another post that I followed, but...
    I got lost.

    Copy the MP3 you want to play into your Distribution folder. You can do this easily by just dragging it onto the Distribution Folder Bar on the main AutoPlay Media Studio screen.
    Select the Settings item from the Project menu.
    Click on the Actions tab.
    Make sure "On Initialize" is selected in the drop-down (it should be selected by default).
    Find the "MP3" category (it looks like a folder) in the list on the left, and double-click on it.
    Drag the "Load" action from there onto the action list on the right (the big white space under the word "Command"). The MP3 - Load action properties dialog will appear automatically.
    Click on the Browse button (located to the right of the "MP3 file to open" field) and select the MP3 file that you copied into your Distrubution folder. (If it isn't there, you didn't copy it yet, or you didn't put it in the right place.)
    Click OK.
    Drag the "Play" action from the MP3 category on the left, onto the action list on the right. Make sure it ends up below the "Load" action that you added before.
    Click OK.

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    Re: Background Music ? How

    OK. Got lost where?

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Background Music ? How

      OK rrop23797
      Assuming that you have version 4.0.

      Click on the Project text link in the top Task bar

      A dropDown menu is shown.

      Down the bottom of this is Settings. Click on Settings.

      A popup menu is opened.

      In the General tab there is a section called 'Distribution Folder" and it should tell you the Distribution folder "Location". If you want to work from a different location then this is the place where you would change the details to point to the new location.

      Now switch over to Computer Explorer and Copy the MP3 into the Distribution folder that was shown above in the Location bit.

      Now back to AutoPlay Media Studio.

      Click on the "Actions" tab at the other end of General in Project Settings (you should still be in there).

      Normally "Available Actions" is set to 'Application' and "Select an event to edit:" is set to 'On Initialize'

      In the "Available Actions:" scroll box, you should see a folder called 'MP3'. Click on the plus sign to this folder.

      Double Click on the 'Load' icon and a "Action Properties: MP3 - Load" popup dialog box is shown.

      There may already be some text in the white input section. What you need is the little paper/magnify glass icon. Click on this icon and a "Distribution Folder" dialog box is shown. It showns you all of the folders and files. If you copied your MP3 correctly then it will be in here. (somewere)

      When you have found the MP3 file that you want then you need to double click it and the dialog box will close. Then Click OK to select and close the current dialog box.

      You should be back at the "Project Settings" popup menu and just under the 'Load' option in the MP3 folder that you just did is and icon called "Play".

      Double click on the 'Play' icon and you will see it appear (normally) above the If this is the case then using your mouse drag the 'MP3.Play' down so as it sits below the MP3.Load bit.

      Click OK to save and exit the 'Project Settings' Popup Menu.

      Save your project and then Preview.

      It should all work.
      It did for me as I was doing just this as I was typing this reply, and mine works.

      Hope this helps


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        Re: Background Music ? How

        Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum.

        Where are we at on this background music issue? Is it possible to have background music playing that pauses for video or flash with audio, and then resumes?

        Is there a developer out there with a solution who would be willing to assist over the phone for a fee to make this work?

        Thanks - [email protected]


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          Re: Background Music ? How

          Hi Sterling Valentine

          I have uploaded it to my ISP WebSpace
          I have sent you a private Email with the Address

          In the RAR file There is the whole collection of work files in progress.
          The finished files are
          Final_Music_App.am4 --- Small Finished version
          Final_Music_Code.am4 --- Version with all of the test limiter still set. Shows how it works.

          ======== Notes ========
          It is not set up to swap MP3's in the program. This can be done with a fair bit more coding.
          All time needs to be in Seconds to calculate the Skip on the MP3.
          Program set to Safely Roll over at midnight. (I only had one crash and could not reproduce it)
          Program set to Safely Roll over after the end of the MP3 is reached.
          Program will play MP3 across any of the pages Set up. I don't really know how you are setting yours up so I have not gone any further then the three dase pages.
          I have not set any error controls.
          Program will Start playing the MP3 .. Then Pause and play a SWF with sound .. Then resume playing the MP3.

          Any other inquires Please Private Email me.
          [email protected]