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Checking for a computers I.D.

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  • Checking for a computers I.D.

    I know I've seen this some where before... Where would I get AMS to find a computers... say, CPU# or anything else that would I.D. each individual PC?

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    Re: Checking for a computers I.D.

    Bruce, if you want a way to identify each unique system, use the %LANNIC% variable. This is thge user's unique Mac address. See the help file for more details.


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      Re: Checking for a computers I.D.

      Brett's right. The CPU ID might not even be found in the registry on some systems (you can turn off the CPU identification if you're paranoid or just want MS to psoff.)

      If you really want to get technical, the MAC address can be spoofed/changed rather easily as well, but most people don't even know what a MAC address is, so...
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