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    1) I have a few pictures that needs to be constantly changing, it is to be place beside some description text, through ACD FotoAngelo, I have make it into a .exe, which Object should I use in order to run this .exe?

    2) I have a background music and a mute button, I need to mute the music when the user click on the play video page and unmute when the user leaves the page. How do I go about to achieve this?


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    Re: Slideshow and music

    Hi OKT, as to #1, you can't embed .exe files into an AMS presentation... You can embed HTML or Flash slideshows though...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Slideshow and music

      Hi Corey,

      Thanks for the info. Which one of the following option is more compatible or cause less problem? A flash slideshow(embed using Flash Object) or a javascript(embed using Web Browser Object)?



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        Re: Slideshow and music

        Hello OKT,

        for part 2)
        create 2 variables when the MP3 (I suppose) starts.
        example: %mp3go% to indicate "the MP3 has started",
        and %mp3active% to indicate the MP3 is playing.
        give them both the the value "1"

        When you play the video let the video object check the value of %mp3active% first. If the value = "1" then let the video pause the MP3.

        On video end, first check if the value of %mp3go% is "1". And if so, then continue the MP3 play and set the value for %mp3active% to "1" again.

        So for this functionality you don't need a mute button. But it could be nice for the user to mute the music by hand.

        If you use 1 variable the MP3 might start, even when it was not playing.

        Don't forget to set both variables to "0" when the MP3 has stopped playing.

        programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....