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    Hi, Just downloaded the trial version of this the other day, and may I say... Well done indeed!

    I do however have a few questions (As I would presume all Newbies with NO programming skills do!)
    I have gotten to grips with most of the features, but I am trying to do a slideshow of pictures, and don't have any way of doing flash or anything so fancy. I do have a powerpoint presentation but I don't want to link to it, i'd like to have the pictures running in the active window of the presentation (kiosk mode - or is that something else? I'm new!) and I read on here somewhere about timing with blank mp3s and sleep options.
    Problems are:
    Blank MP3s, I try to show the image, then show the player, then play the file then hide the image, but the image shows and hides before the mp3 plays, is there some way to avoid this?
    Sleep: I want people to be able to have the pictures running in a slideshow but also to be able to click to other sections of the cd without waiting for the slideshow to finish, which I think isn't possible when the show is running and the sleep option is done....

    All help greatly appreciated, this is by far the greatest creative product I have ever seen, tremendous stuff!

    If you can read this, i have yet to write a witty and imaginative signature.... sorry...