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  • About loading pages

    I'm a little confused about the way APM handles pages once the built project starts running.
    As far as I understand it, whem a command is made to load a page, the program genrates the page and displays it. When a command is made to leave a page, it is destroyed.
    My question is whether the page is reginerated from the beginning each time it is called on while the app is running.

    For example, if I chose to hide an object on a page when it is closing, will I need to unhide it the next time the page loads? Or if I load a video when the page initializes, must I do this on every occurance of the page initializing? Or just the first time because it is already loaded in the program memory.

    Also, speaking of loading a video, does setting the target of a flash (or avi or media player) object act in the same way as setting an OnShow load command? or are the two slightly different?

    Thanks for your answers.