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Image placement after opening

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  • Image placement after opening

    I'm new to the program and have tried using a hotspot to open an image. When the image opens it defaults to the top left of page off the main screen. How can I control the image to open near the hotspot on the main screen?. Can you advise me please. I think I wrongly asked this question as a project, or !!!!!, because the was no response

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    Re: Image placement after opening

    Doesn't matter which forum you post to, you can be sure all threads get read carefully and assistance is offered whereever possible. So it's OK to post here or projects, whichever one you thinks suits you best.

    Sometimes if people don't understand the question you get less responses...

    As for the image, only images you place in AutoPlay Media Studio can appear on the application page. Once you have placed an image(s) on your page you can freely drag and drop them to move them anywhere you like... So if the image is in the upper left, simply grab it with your mouse and put it wherever you would prefer to have it... Images will not move at runtime, wherever you put it is where it will appear in your final project.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software