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  • Spanish.xml

    Can anyone tell me if there is a spanish.xml file available for 4.0? If so, where? Thanks!

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    Re: Spanish.xml

    Please send me an email ([email protected]) with the words "Spanish Language file" in the subject and I will send you one that a user has created for us. I cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate, as I do not speak Spanish so I am really just going with what the user has sent me.


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      Re: Spanish.xml

      How can one build another language? (I am referring to hebrew for example) And what part of AMS will be translated?


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        Re: Spanish.xml

        You can certainly create your own custom language modules, such as one for Hebrew. There is a language ID available for detection of Hebrew. It is the language ID 13. All of the language ID's are in the file:

        C:\Program Files\AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0\Data\Languages\langids.ini

        If you want to translate it for yourself, here is a brief explanation of what you need to do:

        First go to the following directory on your system (or wherever you installed AutoPlay):

        C:\Program Files\AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0\Data\Languages

        There you will find a file entitled "English.lng". What you should do is make a copy of that file and name it "Hebrew.lng". Then translate all of the messages to Hebrew. You will have a message ID, then the message itself. Just translate the message portion(not variables). That document contains all of the messages generated in AutoPlay.

        These language files control the error messages that appear.

        There is also a Knowledgebase article that explains exactly what I just did (I remembered after I wrote the reply) you can see it here