Some previous posts have provided a list of files needed to run Acrobat Reader from a CD. Those lists were good for 5.x, but 6.0 has a slightly different list:

SPPlugins (entire folder)

However, with only those files (5.x or 6.0), the user won't be able to use Reader Help. If this is a problem, then you also need to copy the entire "Help" folder to the CD. Ordinarily, acrord32.exe and the other files would be in a folder called "Reader." The Reader expects to find the "Help" folder at the same level as the "Reader" folder (check a Reader installation on a hard drive and this will make more sense). In other words, you need both a "Help" folder and a "Reader" folder at the same level on the CD, but they don't need to be at the root.

Also, be aware that 6.0 has a new installation routine. Adobe is now using the FEAD compression software from Netopsystems. This means that before you ever get to InstallShield, FEAD has to "recompose" the files. This can take several minutes even on a fast computer. Adobe isn't exactly advertising this new "feature," and it can surprise the innocent end user.

You might be inclined just to stick with version 5.1 of the Reader. However, if you're distributing the Reader -- and Adobe told me that putting the Reader application files (acrord32 et al) on a CD counts as a distribution, even if the installation executable (for example, AcroReader51_ENU.exe) isn't on the CD -- you're supposed to sign up to the distribution license, and the license requires you to distribute only the latest version. Catch-22.