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  • displaying variables

    I know there must be a way to do this and I've simply had no luck in getting it to work.
    I would like the value within a variable to appear on the user interface (this is mostly for me while i'm testing that everything is working alright). When i plu %variable% into any of the text based objects, that's all i get. How do i make it show me the value behind the variable? And if it's not automatic, how would i make it continuosly update that value i.e an mp3 progress variable.

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    Re: displaying variables

    The easy way to display test values like that is to insert a DIALOG > MESSSAGE action and simply put the variable name you wish (the value of) to appear within the text area, i.e. %myVariable%

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: displaying variables

      I think I know what you are doing because I did the same thing..... You have typed %Variable% directly into the text box. This doesn't work. You have to select TextObject > Set Text > Text 1 (Or whatever) set to %Variable%

      If you put that on the "On Mouse Click" of a button / text box it will update it, I'm not sure how you would have it automatically update while a mp3 is playing. Perhaps there is a way of getting the length in the GetProperties > Length and have some way of doing a while statement, which I'm not too au fait with but there are others in here that are....

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        Re: displaying variables

        thanks. I just set the mouse over to set the text so i could easily get a pretty continious variable check.