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Sending image attachments by email

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  • Sending image attachments by email

    Sorry I accidentally deleted your thread lanflet. As to your question, I don't know. Attachments aren't suuported by mailto and to send an image in the body of an email is a whole other thing, that's HTML email and I'm no expert on that. I doubt it's a very feasible method though...

    There are issues here such as email size (most people can't receive email over a certain size), the fact that any spam filters will likely eliminate all your emails, your system will choke modem user's inbox, etc...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software

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    Re: Sending image attachments by email

    You might be able to fake it if it's a really small image, like a tiny icon, by UUENCODING the image and setting up all the mime headers and such in the body of the email, but my guess is you would run into the mailto string size limitation with most images.
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