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  • Lorne
    Re: String - Parse Path

    The size of the string will make a difference, although in your case I don't think it's the length of each path, so much as the sheer number of them.

    You might want to put some debugging actions in there, to figure out which action is the slowpoke. I'd be surprised if it's the parse path action that is the culprit, but you never know. More than likely it's just the fact that the actions are being repeated so many times (assuming you have some kind of loop going). If so, you might want to look at optimizing the steps a bit, if you can.

    BTW, this sounds like a good candidate for a "Please wait..." message, care of a Dialog Busy action. Long things seem to take less time to the user if a popup message (or progress display) appears.

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  • pjborg
    started a topic String - Parse Path

    String - Parse Path

    I'm using a "String - Parse Path" command to get just the file names from a long long list, and I noticed in testing that it takes quite a while to do this sometimes. I'm wondering: is the length of the original path related to how quickly this command can parse the file names? I'm talking about several hundred to perhaps thousands of files. i.e., would something like X:\FOLDER\FOLDER\FOLDER\FILE take longer than X:\FILE? I don't really expect this to be an issue, just curious, thanks very much.