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  • Integrated Browse CD Help

    New here, I'm finding a LOT of cool things i'm going to include in my autorun cd.

    One thing that i haven't been able to find is how to make an integrated Browse CD option.

    EX. When they click on the browse CD button, it opens it in a box within the autorun menu. (most likely on a diff page so i can have a "back to main page" button)

    Any help would be appriciated. THANKS!

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    Re: Integrated Browse CD Help

    Well typically people use a DIALOG > FOLDER BROWSE action or a web object (set to explore your source directory) for that but if you want to make an integrated setup you can do that using Flash, HTML, or a custom page. That is something you would need to design yourself though, i.e. an HTML object which dynamically creates a list of text links from a file directory or whatever... To do that you would use a series of actions inlcuding a FILE > SEARCH action set to *.* to find your files, a STRING > COUNT DELIMITED string to get the total of all files, then a LOOP containing some STRING > GET DELIMITED TEXT, STRING > PARSE PATH, and STRING > INSERT actions based on that count to convert your file names into text links, then a TEXT FILE > WRITE action to create an HTML file out of that which can be viewed in your web object.

    Note this works awesome for directories with only a few files in them but once you start to get hundreds and hundreds of files, the amount of time needed for the file search action to execute starts to increase....

    PS, my advice to you is a web object set to explore your source folder. Works great. To test this, setup a new blank project, insert a web object and in the URL area type "%Desktop%" then preview your project...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software