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    I will be installing a few files, plus an icon on the user's desktop. If the system is Windows NT, must %IsUserNTAdmin% be true in order to perform these functions? (sorry, I'm not very familiar with NT). To put the icon on the desktop, do I need to use %desktopNT% if the OS turns out to be NT? Is this then available to all the users?

    Is this true also of 2k and XP?

    I've read the help file on this and searched the forum, but I guess I just need a bit more clarification. If the OS is NT, 2k or XP I have to use the "NT" variables, is that correct? I'm sure this is probably basic as dirt to most folks, but I appreciate any info you could share. Thanks.

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    Re: Windows NT

    You don't have to use the NT variables on's just that those variables only mean something on NT.

    On NT, each user has their own special folders, such as My Documents and the Desktop. When one user logs in, they don't have access to the folders of another user, unless they are logged in as an administrator.

    These user-specific folders are great for security and robustness, but if you wanted a program to be available to all users, it would suck to have to set up things like shortcuts and preferences multiple times. So, the NT operating systems provide an "All Users" version of each folder, the contents of which are visible to all.

    The NT variables in AutoPlay refer to those "All Users" folders. So if you want something to be available to all users in NT, use the NT variables...otherwise, use the regular variables.

    On Windows 9x/ME, it doesn't matter who you log in as, you always have access to all of the files, so it makes no difference at all which variable you use...they point to exactly the same path.

    As for whether the user has to be the administrator in order to install a few depends on how the system is configured, but in most cases they should be able to install files, although it depends on where they're being installed. If it's in their user folders, then they almost certainly have access.
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        Re: Windows NT

        If you need it, I've used a helpful utility called tqcRunAs to install apps and perform other Admin functions when a user without Admin rights runs a project. Microsoft's RunAs utility doesn't allow you to pass the password on the command line. Renders it useless for scripts. Nice design Microsoft! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

        Hopefully, IR will add a RunAs feature in version 5 for certain actions or even as a global setting so all actions can use elevated privileges. I've already suggested it.