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  • Yes/No Dialog! HELP!

    Newbie Warning!!
    I'm trying to make a yes/no dialog box. If yes is clicked, It will download something to the users computer, if no, it wont.

    I'm sure it's simple, I'm just not seeing it.

    thanks all

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    Re: Yes/No Dialog! HELP!

    You will want to use the Dialog.Message action and set it to the Yes/No option within the action. The returned result is stored in a variable as either YES or NO. You can then use an IF statement to check and see what the answer was. Here is a short sample. These actions could be applied to a buttons ON CLICK actions.

    <font color=green>%Result% = Dialog.MessageBox ("Download", "Do you want to download the fi...", Yes|No, Question)
    <font color=blue>IF</font color=blue> (%Result% = "YES")
    Internet.DownloadWebFile ("", "%TempDir%\Downloads")
    <font color=blue>END IF</font color=blue></font color=green>
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