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    some way exists to block the visualization of folders and archives (without needing to use others softwares). Example: I want to forbid the visualization of a folder with videos...

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    Re: Security ...

    No. You can hide them, but of course that only makes them invisible to ignorant users. AMS contains no way to make files or folders invisible.
    Eric Darling
    eThree Media


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      Re: Security ...

      But you always can make a deep burried folder (for example: windows\system\yourfolder\) after a function button is pressed by the user, and delete the content including the folder when the user has finished the function......
      It is not hidden, but not easy to find.

      gr. Mario
      programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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        Re: Security ...

        You can never truly hide something once you have given it to someone regardless of which software(s) you use, i.e. if they have a viewable local copy which you gave them, no matter what type of security you build in, it is *****able. (ovm this is why the deep folder thing might not work well, there's still the master CDROM copy to wail on)

        If you have stringent security concerns, i.e. you only want ceertain content to reach certain users, then you'll need to keep your folder in a remote location, i.e. online. Only then can you truly protect content from people, i.e. the content isn't even on their computer so there's nothing to *****.

        That all being said there are ways to deter the most basic views. Try renaming your videos with alternate filenames, i.e. instead of "videos/myMovie.avi" try "bin/1R66EFT.dat" or whatever, it will still load and play just fine in the media player but untrained eyes will never suspect a thing... MuHAHa!!

        Password encrypted zip files might also be a useful technique although I'm no expert on who you would implement that...

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software