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How many files (menus) can there be in one presentation?

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  • How many files (menus) can there be in one presentation?

    The best way to make a presentation of 117 avi-files? I know I have to burn at least 2 CD's because they can't be on 1.

    And I want to have both sub and nested menus and do you have a template you would recommend?

    I think I will make the presentation for 1024x768 because of the many files.

    Hope for some help for a newbee. :-)

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    Re: How many files (menus) can there be in one presentation?

    Here is a little dynamicfile program that <font color=green>Worm</font color=green> put together for a video kiosk a while back. It is a great piece of code that would allow you to have a number of programs on your CD and be able to cycle through them with only one page in AMS. Take a look, it could save a lot of time by only using one page to display your multitude of files. But to answer your question, I think I remember reading that you could have almost 5000 pages if you wanted, or maybe is was 1000, anyway it is a tremendous amount;o=&amp;vc=1
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