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am4 proj(not am3) crashes on a Win 98

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  • am4 proj(not am3) crashes on a Win 98


    i made a project in AM2 than 3 of an autoplay for a cd-rom
    i've upgraded it in AM4, changed not much except the detection of languages i've reprogrammed.
    the proj is one screen with 3 buttons, nothing complicated

    it works on a XP i got, and on a win 98, but i got an old win 98 wich was on a univ network, without network. the content of the cd works ok, and other apps ok.
    but i've just tried with two cd-version i got, lauching the am4.exe crashes windows. a fatal error OE 00028:000000 has occured...

    my question is not how to make it work on this peecee (it should be reformat c: [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ), but what can cause an am4 app to crash on win 98.
    we had (with am3) and will be shipping (am4) this cd-rom thousands of copies, 11 countries. since we had no feedback on our cd-roms, i'm just worrying today after some years of uses, how am4 is reliable on all peecees...