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Securing a Commercial Project?

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  • Securing a Commercial Project?

    Hi Guys.
    This is my first posting, hopefully not my last as I'm seriously looking into APM. I'm coming from the world of desktop publishing & web design, so I'm proficient in mostly all the Adobe & Macromedia products. I've read the white pages and installed the demo. are a few questions:

    1) I have a project in mind that would be sold commercially. How can I prevent the CD from being copied and/or distributed illegally?

    2) Can vector art (ie. EPS, Illustrator, Corel) be placed and resized inside a project?

    3) Can I create an interactive form with form fields that can submit the information online via cgi or directly into a database?

    4) In all the other programs I use, you can change the zoom level or view of your project. I didn't notice this feature with APM and it seems awkward to be working at only one zoom level. Did I miss something?

    5) Where can I see sample projects by users of APM (and not by IndigoRose)?

    Thanks for your feedback and help.

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    Re: Securing a Commercial Project?

    Hi, OK:

    1) As far as I know the top video game companies in the world have spent tens of millions of dollars to try and figure that out and as far as I know there's tons of pirated games out there still, so I doubt this is possible. Technologies like SAFEDISC, CDILLA, Armadillo and others offer a reasonable amount of protection and would deter most but not all users from copying... As for the distribution of your stuff that's a legal issue that companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Macromedia have struggled with for years, with a very large percentage of the so called "boxed" versions of their software throughout Europe being counterfeit. You'd basically have to be doligent, find people who are violating your copyright and pursue them via a lawyer. As far as I know that's the way it is.

    2. No, AMS doesn't currently support any vector formats natively although obviously you can do as much vector stuff as you like via a flash object, my personal weapon of choice...

    3. Absolutely. Not a problem, very easy. Use a INTERNET > SUBMIT TO WEB action or just use a normal web form in a web browser object.

    4. No zoom in current version, under consideration for future. Thanks for the suggestion.

    5. We have a new user exchange coming soon. For now you can post here in the forum with an open call to see some examples and I bet you'd get a few good responses. Feel free to do so anytime you like, this forum is open for any type of project interaction you guys wish to do...

    If you have any more questions please feel free to post anytime you like...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Securing a Commercial Project?

      Hi Corey,
      Thanks for the info.
      One last quick question: Can I import an Acrobat form (pdf) that contains javascript into AM4? Will it run and submit info from within an AM4 project?



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        Re: Securing a Commercial Project?

        That one I'm not too sure about. I'm no pdf expert, sorry... I would assume it would if it were served via a web browser object plug-in though.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software