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  • Flipping Pages?

    Hi Guys.
    Just wondering what your thoughts/opinions were on the trend of "flipping pages" products, like FlipAlbum or Desktop Author? How do they compare with AMS? there a way to get that "flip page" effect in AMS?


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    Re: Flipping Pages?

    Transition effects - an often asked for feature.

    Someone's bound to suggest using Flash, so I won't.


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      Re: Flipping Pages?

      This is a debatable subject. Some people like them some dont. AMS4 doesnt support them, but i believe it is being considered for a future version [do a search for it here in the forum. I am sure this was discussed more than once].

      I have no doubt you can use flash to simulate this. I guess Corey or AGRO are the men to talk to about that. I do believe you can also do this with Javascript, tho i havent googled it.

      You could then, perhaps, use Browser objects to cover the page ... dont know how that would work tho. Perhaps not so good if yu are using other objects that would prevent this. Just thoughts and suggestions really.
      = Derek
      ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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        Re: Flipping Pages?

        FlipAlbum really only works good with high res pics and it tends to get REAL slow on a CD if you have alot of them (60+)
        It was a bad buy for me.


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          Re: Flipping Pages?

          I too was very excited about through a couple of the upgrades...but, it seems so heavily dependent on memory and monitor resolution it scared people. Even though I purchased the Pro version, it was hard to make it really look pro.

          More and more I believe if the content is really good, too much eye-candy gets such, I am in the conservative minority camp that actually runs away from FLASH.

          But, my 2c won't even buy you a donkey fart in the wind.