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  • Hiding External files

    I would like to put some PDF files in a folder inside the Data folder, and hide them by changing the file type.
    When I change the file extension to something like "hpw" and then call it from an image button I just get an error message "error opening file. There is no application associated with the given file name extension"
    How can I change the extension to hide the file, and then call it again to open with Acrobat.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Hiding External files

    instead of using File.Open, use File.Execute on AcroRd32.exe with your PDF as a command line parameter. Of course the hidden files would then be revealed as PDF.

    You might try password protecting them instead and using the ShellPDF utility that was posted here instead.


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      Re: Hiding External files

      Thanks for that Worm.
      When someone clicks my image I firstly check to see what the default PDF viewer on their computer is, this is stored in %pdfviewer%.. I then give them the option to upgrade or install etc.
      The reason I'm telling you this is because as you said I used the file execute command. The only problem is if they have Acrobat (not reader but writer) using the AcroRd32.exe would not work. What I done instead was use %pdfviewer% in the "File to execute" and then my pdf in the Command line. Like you say this does display the file name in the title bar once Acrobat has opened.
      I'm going to give your other method a go as well and then decide from there which one to use.

      Thanks for help, much appreciated


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        Re: Hiding External files


        Try this out, it’s around 8.21 megs but it should do what ya need.

        1. It will use a reader from the CD so the end user will not need to have it installed.

        2. I used WinZip and added a password “trustnoone” The longer the better (or what ever WinZip can handle)!

        3. The PDF file was told NOT to allow anything whatsoever i.e. printing, changes, etc. and was also given a password.

        4. The PDF file was also given a MASTER password so as to keep anyone from saving a copy from within Acrobat. See this thread:

        Thanks WORM!!

        5. You will also notice the temp file where the PDF is placed while the end user is reading it gets destroyed after AMS or the page is exited.

        Hope this helps!


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          Re: Hiding External files

          Thanks for that Bruce, works great.
          Just a couple of things,
          Does this mean the end user needs Winzip/WinRaR etc to be able to unzip these files?

          Can I do the same sort of thing for my media files, i.e mpeg film using the Media Player Object.

          Thanks again