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  • Multiple files to install

    If I to install multiple things at the click of a button, is there a way I can pause between instalations so it waits for the first thing to install before it starts to run the next. Right now When I click the button all 3 things try to install at once, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Multiple files to install

    If your using File.Execute to run the install, select the WAIT option. That will hold the processing of actions until the setup has completed.

    If you're doing something else to "install" please elaborate so we can offer suggestions.


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      Re: Multiple files to install

      What you want to do is use the "wait for program to finish running before continuing" option in the File.Execute actions. This will do exactly what you want it to. But many installers use a stub to initialize, this will cause you some problems. For example if the install was created with Setup Factory then you would have to use the /w command line argument to make it wait for return. Other install builders have different command line options. You will have to look into this depending on the utility that was used to create the install.


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        Re: Multiple files to install

        Thanks Thats what I was looking for