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Cd si runing slow

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  • Cd si runing slow

    One question:

    Mi application is runing slow, because is animated.
    Scenes on show, jumps to another scene, and then to another...etc...
    But when you burn the program on a Cd, cd goes slow on some computers.
    There's some way to make a pre-loader to load images before show the cd?
    Or a loader that load images or pages (scenes) when cds is runing, thats because i want those animations run quickly...
    Please, some answers??

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    Re: Cd si runing slow

    What kind of animations? Flash? If so, just build a preloader in your Flash file.

    If your animations are playing back in the Media Player (AVI, WMV, ASF or MPEG format), then you're going to have to re-compress your video file to CD-ROM specs. It's all about data rate - you don't want to go much beyond 150 KB/sec for the widest compatibility. 300 KB/sec at most.
    Eric Darling
    eThree Media


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      Re: Cd si runing slow

      And don't burn the CD's at too high speed. A lot of drives have problems reading them.
      programming is very easy, just put the characters in the right order....


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        Re: Cd si runing slow

        Is not falsh and is not video.
        Is an animation done with the automedy play studio.
        On page 1Ii putted and image, and on show I jump to another page, and when it shows I jump to another, etc...
        But its too slow.
        I want to know if there`s somw way to make a pre-loader or load before all the images.


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          Re: Cd si runing slow

          Tarsuar, make an animated .gif out of it, time it anyway you want, and then use either a web browser object or media player object to play your gif on your AMS page.


          Use Flash or video.

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software