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  • Autoplay

    Is there a way to make the cd autoplay faster, it takes a long time for my application to pop up.

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    Re: Autoplay

    Increase the voltage to the CD-ROM stepper motor. A lightning rod usually does the trick, but then you have to wait for a storm...


    Seriously, though, that's hardware dependent. Some CD-ROM drives spin up faster than others, and some take longer to complete the initial file structure access. I've actually found that faster CD-ROMs are often worse for takes them longer to spin the disc up to speed from idle.

    I have a high quality 40x Toshiba in one of my computers that is an excellent drive for ripping audio CDs and is very reliable...but it takes a really long time to complete the initial access of a disc. Whereas the super-cheap 40x LG drive in another computer accesses discs lickety-split.
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