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  • rookie-minded questions

    1. i simply want user to jump to website(external) using
    hotspot object.
    2. i'd like an mp3 to play from launch until user click first
    3. what's the difference between dragging media objects
    into the projects Distribution folder and importing them
    directly by clicking on icons in objects toolbar. when
    i import them from the latter, they plop directly on page
    i'm working on...can't seem to hide them...
    thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions.....

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    Re: rookie-minded questions

    Answers to your first two questions are extremely common, and you should be able to find those by just searching the forum, or reading the manual, or clicking on help in the program itself, or even just playing around. Not trying to dodge the questions - but they are very easy to get answers for otherwise.

    As to your question #3, don't be confused about the Distribution folder. This folder is where you need to put all external media you will need for your project.

    Just because something is in the Distribution folder doesn't mean it automatically appears somehow somewhere in your project without you first telling it to do so. If you import something through an object on the toolbar, you are telling the project that you want to use that media file somehow, so it will, of course, put it on your current page.

    If you want to hide an object once you've put it on your page, you can do it with the Page.HideObject action. HTH.
    Eric Darling
    eThree Media