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NewBee Here DVD ???

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  • NewBee Here DVD ???

    Well this is probally been posted a 1001 times but my eyes were falling to the floor searching old posts:^)

    1) Can I make a DVD video to play on my Regular TV not PC?
    2) What Files can I put on the DVD ?

    FOR EXAMPLE: I wana play my .mpg files and also show photos,
    is this possible with AutoPlay?

    So for example I send out these DVD's I made and my friends
    can view them on there "HOME" big screen tv with there home DVD Player.. hope that makes it easy to understand question.

    Yes I do have a DVD Burner on my sony PC - never used it..

    Thanks for the Help :^)


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    Re: NewBee Here DVD ???


    Producing DVD Video for your set top DVD player with MPEG files and photos cannot be done with AutoPlay.

    Production for your set top DVD player involves the use of software such as Adobe Encore, DVD Workshop, etc. Your set top player needs to see the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files, which encoding with the above software packages provides.

    However, you may use DVD (ROM) as a medium to burn your AutoPlay projects on, which may be viewed on a PC with a DVD-ROM drive. The DVD ROM can accept any file type a CD can, but the storage capacity is much greater (4.7gb on a DVD, about 685mb on a CD). AutoPlay does support the video clips and images, but it will NOT build the appropriate files your set top DVD player needs to see.

    Hope that helps!


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      Re: NewBee Here DVD ???

      Exactly. Our local video expert is reccomending Adobe Encore (rather rabidly) for building DVDs targetted at set top DVD players. Although there's no free trial at yet. :confused:

      P.S. An unused Sony DVD burner is like an unlicked ice cream cone...

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software