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  • Acrobat with Search

    Hello -
    Quick question for all of you gurus.

    I have a project which required the searchable version of Acrobat. What I would like to do is have the AMS file check for the location of vdk150.dll, which is the search dll.

    However, I really don't want to have it search the whole drive. Is there anyway to have it check for the default viewer location for .pdf, then strip out the acrobat.exe or acrord32.exe (which will leave the installed location) and then use the resulting directory to do a search for files location so it only has to check that directory?

    Then if that file is not located in the location that the default viewer is installed, it will instruct to install reader?

    Thanks for any assistance!


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    Re: Acrobat with Search

    I am the origional poster above. I was able to find a solution that works pretty well.

    // This is where we are checking for the full version or reader
    %FileLocation% = File.GetDefaultViewer (".pdf")
    %Acrobat.exe% = String.Find ("%FileLocation%", "Acrobat.exe", 0)
    %AcroRd32.exe% = String.Find ("%FileLocation%", "AcroRd32.exe", 0)
    IF (%Acrobat.exe% > 0)
    %AcrobatDir% = String.Replace ("%FileLocation%", "Acrobat.exe", "")
    END IF
    IF (%AcroRd32.exe% > 0)
    %AcrobatDir% = String.Replace ("%FileLocation%", "AcroRd32.exe", "")
    END IF
    // End of Version Check

    // Checking for Presence of Search .dll
    %Files% = File.Search ("vdk150.dll", CustomPaths)
    IF (%Files% < 0)
    %InstallAcrobat% = Dialog.MessageBox ("Install Acrobat Reader with Search", "You do not have a version of A...", Yes|No, Question)
    IF (%InstallAcrobat% = YES)
    File.Execute ("%SrcDir%\Viewers\AcroReader51.exe", "", Continue)
    END IF
    END IF
    // End of Search Check

    I have the CustomPaths in the set up as the parsed variable %FileLocation%.



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      Re: Acrobat with Search

      When my cd's require Reader + Search, I typically just run it directly from the CD. That way I don't have to worry about the user having the correct version of Reader loaded on their hard drive. The other problem I sometimes run into when prompting the user to install Reader, is that they may not have the administration rights to install app's. Plus, some of the users are novice and don't know how to answer the simple questions during setup, such as location, shortcuts etc. Just my 2 cents.