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Page not showing updated variable

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  • Page not showing updated variable

    I have an edit field on a page, that includes a variable.
    This variable is changed on another page. The user types a new greeting in an editbox. Click ok, and it writes as a value to an ini file. I have verified that this does happen by looking at it right after I click ok. It changes. When I go back to the page this affects, it is supposed to get that value from the ini file, and it should show in the editfield. It doesn't though. Weird thing is, if I haven't viewed the page yet, and I change the greeting, I can go to that same page, and it will properly get the value, and display it. I've tried refreshing the edit field on initialize. I keep going over it again and again, trying to figure it out, but I keep finding that everything is set up right.
    If you'd like an example, just reply here, and I will get you one.
    (I don't know how to attach things!!)

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    Re: Page not showing updated variable

    There shouldn't be any problem with what you're trying to do...just make sure that things happen in the proper order. (In other words, be sure that you put the actions in the appropriate events.)

    You want to:

    1. read the value in from the INI file
    2. set the text in the object

    Also, make sure you don't have any actions that are undoing what you're trying to might actually be working, only to be covered up by another action.

    And check the obvious stuff, like making sure the actions are using the correct path to the INI file (you might be referencing two files in two different could be that the one you changed manually isn't the one that the application is changing).

    Last but not least, you should (at least temporarily) turn on verbose error messages for the actions that are involved, to see if any of them are failing.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]